взять на вооружение

take on board (to understand and accept ideas and opinions which may change the way you behave in the future)

another cup of tea

another cup of tea (altogether) — совсем другое дело, совсем из другой оперы, это две большие разницы.

по уши

head over heel(s) — по уши (влюблен, в долгах)
Example: He's in love with Sarah head over heel.

из ряда вон выходящий

[out of the ordinary]
[off the charts]
[larger than life]

off the hinges (something is outstanding, great)

tie the knot

tie the knot (with sb) (to get married;|| {for a cleric or other authorized person} to perform a marriage ceremony, to unite a couple in marriage) — пожениться; связать себя узами б

right up one's alley

right up one's alley ( something that matches a person's area of interest or a person's skills; something a person should take a liking to based on their personality) — по его/ее/твое

in one fell swoop

in one fell swoop
at one fell swoop

If you do something at/in one fell swoop, you do it all at the same time (одним ударом, одним махом, в один момент; разом; за один раз)

раз плюнуть

a [breeze]
It's like taking candy from a baby/child's play
[piece of cake]
a piece of piss
[walk in the park]
it's a snap
no sweat
[slam dunk]

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