down to a fine art

get/have sth down to a fine art
get/have sth down to a science

дурная компания

the wrong crowd

Example: As a result of spending time with the wrong crowd all through high school and now in college, Joe smokes 10–15 cigarettes a day.

eat away at sb

eat at sb AND eat away at sb (bother, annoy, cause feelings of guilt; to make someone feel more and more unhappy or worried; to make someone feel very worried over

poke fun at sb

poke fun at sb/sth (to tease or make fun of someone) — смеяться над кем-л., подшучивать над кем-л; подтрунивать над кем-л.; дразнить, поддразнивать кого-л.; высмеивать кого-л., нас

с глазу на глаз

разговор с глазу на глаз — a one-on-one conversation
поговорить с глазу на глаз — to talk to sb one-on-one (about sth)

будь мужчиной

Будь мужчиной! Веди себя как мужчина! Веди себя как подобает мужчине! Мужайся!
Take it like a man! (The gender neutral form of man is adult or grown-up, so I would suggest:

высосать из пальца

to pull something out of your ass

see also
[брать с потолка]
высосанный из пальца

черная работа

grunt work (difficult or boring labor; work nobody wants to do) — черная работа, тяжелая неприятная работа


1 справляться, справиться (с горем, с неприятностью

get over sth/sb
overcome sth

high on the hog

live high on/off the hog AND
eat high on/off the hog

сам себе хозяин

[one's own person]
Also, be one's own man/ woman
[law unto oneself]
[твёрдо стоять на ногах]
call the shots / call the tune at
[call the shots]

in no time

in no time (at all) also in no time (at all) — очень быстро, в мгновение ока
If something happens or is done in no time, it happens or is done extremely quickly

count your blessings

Count your blessings.
≅ Мне бы твои заботы.
≅ Пусть это будет твоё последнее горе.
≅ Пусть это будет самым большим твоим несчастьем.

stick it out

stick it out (stay until the end; see something through; to persist or continue doing something, endure something) — продержаться, выдерживать, выстоять; (по контексту возможны ва

blow away the cobwebs

blow away the cobwebs AND clear away the cobwebs {UK} (to do something which makes you feel less tired or bored, especially to spend time outside in the fresh air; to

settle an old score

settle an (old) score (with sb) AND settle old scores (with sb) (to do something bad to someone because they did something bad to you) — сводить (старые) счeты, отпл

сool down

сool down AND сool off (to become, or to cause someone to become, less angry or excited; to reduce someone's anger, passion or love; relax, let anger go away ) — охл


донос, доносить, доносительство, доносчик


[out like a light]
[black out]
[blank out]
[zone out]
go blank
pass out (lose consciousness, fall asleep)

go Dutch

go Dutch (with sb) (to share the cost of a meal in a restaurant) — платить свою часть, вносить свою долю за угощение (наравне с другими участниками компании); устраивать складчину

уйти в себя

keep oneself to oneself
в [keep to oneself]

be/live in a world (all) by oneself

murder will out

murder will out AND truth will out (the truth will always be discovered and become known eventually; secrets or misdeeds will eventually be disclosed) — все тайное становится явным; сколь веревочке ни виться; сколько веревочка ни вейся (, а конец будет)

Example: They're bound to find out what you've done. Truth will out, you know. (CIDI)

Can be used to remark that someone who had been concealing the truth is now revealing it.

king of the castle

the king of the castle (the boss; leader; the person in charge of something) — хозяин, главный; ~ царь горы

All in a day's work

(It's) all in a day's work (nothing special, part of the routine; not extra work, just part of my duties, usu about sth difficult or strange) — это все в порядке вещей; дело обычно

make believe

make believe (to pretend or imagine) — притворяться; изображать из себя (детск.)

Example: The kids were making believe they were cowboys.

in good with sb

be in good with sb (be in sb's favor; to have pull with sb) — быть на хорошем счету у кого-л; быть в хороших отношениях с кем-л.

winning streak

a winning streak
a lucky streak — полоса удач, полоса везения; счастливая полоса

put one's foot in it

put your foot in it (esp. BrE) and put / stick your foot in your mouth (esp.

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