шито белыми нитками

(обвинение / доказательство) шито белыми нитками (literally, sewn with white thread) refers to the white thread used for basting (для наметывания, наметки).

глаз не оторвать

can't take one's eyes off sb/sth and can't keep one's eyes off sb/sth

служебный роман

office romance — служебный роман

bear the brunt

bear the brunt of sth (put up with the worst of some bad circumstance) — принять на себя, выдержать главный удар; нести основную тяжесть чего-л.; принять на себя, выдержать, нести все

незаменимых нет

No one is indispensable (everyone can be replaced; no one is irreplaceable) — незаменимых нет; у нас незаменимых нет; незменимых (людей) не бывает

turn sb's head

turn sb's head (to cause to become infatuated; ||to cause to become conceited) — вскружить голову

twiddle one's thumbs

twiddle one's thumbs {infml} (to do nothing for a period of time, usually while you are waiting for something to happen; to be idle ) — бездельничать, лодырничать, слонять

какая муха тебя укусила?

Какая муха тебя укусила?
[what has got into you?]
What has gotten into you? (AmE)
What crawled up your butt and died? (AmE) at
[bug up sb's butt]

нагулять аппетит

work up an appetite (to become hungry following physical exercise or exertion) — нагулять аппетит; проголодаться

Ничего страшного

No harm done. Ничего страшного (не произошло), не переживай.

pull oneself by one's bootstraps

pull oneself (up) by one's bootstraps (to become richer or more successful through one's own hard work, without anyone else’s help) — выбиться в люди благодаря собственным усилиям; самому / без посторонней помощи пробить себе дорогу; пробиться, выбиться в люди, выкарабкаться самостоятельно; быть всем обязанным самому себе; ~ вытянуть себя за волосы

on one's soapbox

get / be on one's soapbox (to speak passionately on a subject you feel strongly about; to tell other people strong opinions in an annoying way) — ораторствовать (ирон.), резонерствовать; произносить пламенную речь; речь толкать; ≅ сесть на любимого конька; ≅ завести любимую пластинку; ≅ демагогию разводить; заладить,
разоряться {прост., неодобр.}.

follow the crowd

follow the crowd AND go with the crowd (to do or think the same as everyone else) — поступать как все; поступать как другие

over the moon

be over the moon (about sth) AND jump over the moon (about sth){UK infml} (to be very happy about something) — прыгать от радости, быть на седьмом небе (от счастья, от восторга), быть вне себя от счастья; ~ не нарадоваться

Example 1: Sam was over the moon about becoming a father / about his new job.

leave well enough alone

leave well (enough) alone
let well (enough) alone

head like a sieve

have a head like a sieve (have a bad memory) — память как решето; ничего не запоминается; ~ девичья память

have a short memory

you'll get the hang of it

You'll get the hang of it. (= Don't worry. You will learn soon how it is done.) — Ничего, скоро разберешься. Скоро освоишься. Скоро научишься.

Used when becoming used to doing an activity such as a sport or hobby

Example 1: It's harder than I thought to play the piano than I thought - Just keep practicing (the piano) and you'll get the hang of it.

Example 2: I can't seem to swing this club the way you showed me. - You'll get the hang of it. Don't worry. Golf is easy!... I think I'm getting the hang of golf! (McGraw-Hill Dict)


на свой страх и риск

do something at one's own risk (to do something unsafe even though you have been warned about the possible dangers and will have to take responsibility for putting yourself in dange

потерпеть фиаско

[fall flat on one's face]
[flash in the pan]
[on the rocks]
[come a cropper]

miss by a mile— потерпеть фиаско, неудачу, не достичь цели
JD wanted to be governor, but in the election he missed by a mile. (DAI) — JD метил в губернаторы, но его прокатили на выборах.

dog's breakfast

a dog's dinner {UK} AND a dog's breakfast (something that has been done very badly) — черт те что; бардак, черт значет что (о плохо выполненной работе); бардак; черт ногу сломит ; ~ что-то с чем-то (русский эквивалент, как всегда, по кнтексту)

make a real dog's dinner of sth — сделать что-л. кое как; только испортить (работу);

be dressed like a dog's dinner — одетый кое-как; ~ из-под пятницы суббота

рыба гниет с головы

The fish always stinks from the head downwards. (The freshness of a dead fish can be judged from the condition of its head. Thus, it means that if something is wrong with some country, organization, company, etc) the reason for it is that "the head" (i.e. management, government, etc.) is rotten (bad, corrupt), and all the rest is just the result of it.) — рыба гниет с головы

The guilt of criminality attaches to those responsible. ‘Well,’ said the Aga Khan, ‘fish goes rotten by the head.’ (1915 W. S. Churchill)

поставить в трудное положение

pitch someone a curve ball

that's the way the cookie crumbles

That's the way the cookie crumbles. AND That's the way the ball bounces. (=that's life, there is nothing you can do about something) -- так обстоят дела, такие-то дела; (вот) такие дела; такова жизнь, таковы дела; ничего не поделать; ничего не поделаешь

said when something slightly unlucky has happened

[if it's not one thing, it's another]
[that's the story of my life]
(that’s / it’s) always the 'way
it's the way it plays
[беда не приходит одна]


(чепуха, глупости, вздор, чушь собачья {неодобр.})
drivel, nonsense, rubbish

nonsense (a message that seems to convey no meaning)


[pipe down]
Shut up!
Sound off!
Wrap up!
Zip it!

Example: Wrap up, Dad, you'll bust a gut! — Хватит орать, отец, а то глотку надорвешь!.

go for it!

Go for it! (used to encourage someone to do something they’re thinking of doing.) — Давай! (= пробуй, действуй)

Example 1: Should I apply for this job? – Go for it!.

Example 2: I wonder if I should ask him out – Go for it!

Example 3: I feel like giving up my job. – Go for it!

go for sth

stick out a mile

stick out a mile AND stand out a mile (to be very obvious) — бросаться в глаза;|| за версту видно; совершенно очевидно; слепому видно; неспециалисту понятно

Example 1: She sticks out a mile with her red hair. (CIDI)

Example 2: Of course he's unhappy - it stands out a mile.

see /recognize a mile off {informal} —
if you can see or recognize something a mile off, you notice it very easily.

Example 1: It's obvious he fancies you - you can see that a mile off.


steal sb from sb — увести (девушку, парня, жениха) у кого-л.

steal a girl from sb

пеняй на себя

you're toast!
you're dead meat!
(=you’re in big trouble )


square (boring, up-tight, lame) — слишком правильный, отставший от жизни, старомодный; консервативный (и потому скучный)

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