in no uncertain words — недвусмысленно, ясно (сказать)

см. также

[mince no words]
[make no bones about sth]
[call a spade a spade]

наложить в штаны

lose one's bottle (lose one's courage; to chicken out of something — often just described as bottling it) — наложить в штаны от страху

...The simplest and probably the best explanation is that bottle originally stood for the courage that comes out of a bottle and has gradually come to mean genuine courage.


catch sb with one's pants down

catch with one's pants down — застать врасплох; застигнуть на месте преступления (перен.)

see also
[catch sb off guard]
[с поличным]
[catch sb in the act]

pluck at sb's heartstrings

pluck at sb's heartstrings (try to arouse sympathy by telling sb about one's sadness and sorrows) — давить на жалость, пытаться разжалобить; пытаться вызвать сочувствие

See also
tell a [hard-luck story]
play the sympathy card

give a free reign

give (a) loose reign to sth/sb (leave sth unchecked; have a loose control on sth such as feelings, actions, ideas) — пустить на самотёк, ослабить поводья; ослабить контроль

give (a) free rein (to allow someone or something complete freedom)

Example 1: The owners gave the chef free reign to create a new menu. (CIDI)

Example 2: She was afraid to give free rein to her feelings. (CIDI)

go through thick and thin

go through thick and thin (stay together through adversity or tough times) — пуд соли съесть

see also
[пройти огонь, воду и медные трубы]

brain drain

brain drain (when the best people leave a country) — утечка мозгов

молоть языком

wag one's tongue and wag one's chin (to chatter or chat with someone) --молоть языком, чесать языком; точить лясы

around the corner

(be) around the corner (to be about to happen; imminent) — не за горами; вот-вот, очень скоро


be in the wind (to be likely to happen soon)

Example: From my recent conversations with Sara I get the feeling that change is in the wind.

in the doghouse

in the doghouse (in a situation in which someone is annoyed with you because of something you did) — в немилости, в опале

show the white feather

show the white feather (display cowardice) — бояться, трусить; испугаться, проявить трусость; уйти в кусты; спрятаться в кусты (перен)

Example: The minute Bob put up his fists, Bill showed the white feather and backed down.

see also
[chicken out]
[get cold feet]
[throw in the towel]
[наложить в штаны]
This expression comes from cockfighting, where a white feather in a bird's tail is considered a sign of inferior breeding. (Answers.com)


yellow-bellied (sl) - трусливый

see also
[get cold feet]
[chicken out]
[show the white feather]
[throw in the towel]
fraidy cat
nervous Nellie

сильная сторона

strong point and strong suit (an asset of special worth or utility; if an ability or quality is your strong suit, you have a lot of it ) — сильная сторона (достоинство, преимущество)

Example 1: Math never was my strong suit — математика никогда не была моей сильной стороной; я никогда не был силен в матматике

Example 2: It has to be said, logic isn't Katherine's strong point. (CIDI)

Example 3: Charm is not his strong suit but at least he knows it. (CIDI)

sb's forte ~ разг: силен в чем-то

артель напрасный труд

Fred Karno's army/outfit {UK сolloq.} (chaotic outfit (organization or setup where nothing works and the staff are incompetent), shambolic organisation) — артель напрасный труд

This place is a right Fred Karno's!

The Russian post office/The Benefits agency is a bit of a Fred Karno's outfit/army.

Frequеncy of usage: rarely


brand new

brand new — с иголочки, новенький

Example: He's got a brand new car. — У него новехонькая машина|машина только что с конвейера.

see also
[одетый с иголочки]


over-egg the pudding (spoil smth by going too far)

lay it too thick

Example 1: I admit a pair of authors lay it a bit too thick for my tastes, but I'm always willing to give them a second or third chance to impress me. — Признаю, что некоторые авторы немного перебарщивают, но я всегда даю им второй или третий шанс произвести на меня впечатление.

Example 2:

[overplay one's hand]
[takes the biscuit]
to improve away


ломать голову

[rack one's brains]
[get one's brain in gear]
[put on one's thinking cap]

scratch one's head (over sth) ( to think hard in order to find an answer to sth)

Example: Experts have been scratching their heads over the increase in juvenile delinquency. — Специалисты ломают голову над причинами роста детской преступности.

beat one's brains out (make a great mental effort to understand, solve, or remember something)

Example: Joe's beating his brains out to finish this puzzle.

scrape the bottom of the barrel

scrape the bottom of the barrel (to exhaust one's resourcesж; to use the least desirable elements {because one has no choice}) — скрести по сусекам; скрести по донышку; исчерпать последние ресурсы; довольствоваться тем, что есть ||с трудом наскрести необходимое (или необходимую сумму)

Example 1: Bringing up that minor legal point proves that you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. -- ...свидетельствует о том, что вы просто не в состоянии найти ничего более серьезного.

замкнутый круг

by fair means or foul

by fair means or foul — любыми методами; не мытьем, так катаньем

see also
[for love or money]
[by hook or by crook]

[go to great lengths]
[по головам]
not to stop short of anything

[свернуть горы]
[пустить в ход уловки]

brain trust

мозговой трест

I am not sure how to translate this one correctly since I've been fuzzy about this for quite a long time. Is it a 'mastermind' behind some scheme or a group of people in charge of making successful strategies to promote a campaign/product?

The "brain trust" was the name given to a diverse group of academics who served as advisers to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The group was first suggested in March 1932.

в полном разгаре

up the wazoo

up the wazoo AND out the wazoo (to an extreme degree; lots of, an abundance of, more than one needs; in great abundance) — хоть попой ешь, до ж**ы; немерено; полным-полно; до фига

Example 1: She's got problems up the wazoo.
Example 2: ...

see also
[out the wazoo]

piece of cake

(It's) a piece of cake (very easy) —
легче легкого, (да тут) делать нечего, плевое дело;
≅ проще пареной репы;
≅ раз плюнуть
≅ на раз (можно сделать)
Related vocabulary:

сердце не лежит

У него не лежит сердце
He isn't in the mood to do sth
he doesn't feel like doing sth

[это не ко мне]
[you can count me out!]

..........Душа не лежит

бить ключом

be in full swing (Brit)

See also
[в полном разгаре]
to throb, to burst (with life, energy, etc.) (Am)

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