have one's head screwed on

have one's head screwed on (right / the right way/etc.)
have one's head screwed on straight

it never ceases to amaze me

it / sth never ceases to amaze me AND sb never ceases to be amazed by sth — не устаю удивляться; не перестаю удивляться

Example 1: It never ceases to amaze me how quick e-mail is. (MM)

Example 2: He never ceased to be amazed by her physical strength. (MM)

wind sb up

wind sb up (1.to trick someone by telling them something that is not true) {UK} || 2. to make someone angry or upset) – морочить голову, заливать, обманывать || заводить, злить, выводить из себя


Example: At first I thought they were winding me up.

Synonyms/related words for this meaning of wind up
[pull sb's leg]
[wind sb up]

short and sweet

short and sweet (without unnecesary details, concise) — коротко и ясно; без излишних подробностей;
≅ не растекаться мыслею по древу

sadder but wiser

(be) sadder but wiser (unhappy but knowledgeable, about sb after an unpleasant event) — умудрённый горьким опытом; наученный горьким опытом; приобрести печальный опыт

Cliché : If someone is sadder but wiser after a bad experience, they have suffered but they have also learned something from it.
Example 1: After the accident, I was sadder but wiser, and would never make the same mistake again. (McGraw-Hill Dict)

live off the backs of sb

live off the backs of somebody (to use what other people produce in order to live, without giving them anything in exchange) — захребетничать; жить за чужой счет; сидеть на шее


steal sb from sb — увести (девушку, парня, жениха) у кого-л.

steal a girl from sb

accidents waiting to happen

an accident waiting to happen and a disaster waiting to happen (а thing or situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident) — до добра не доведет;

cut and dried

cut-and-dried AND cut and dry (1.if a decision or agreement is cut-and-dried, it is final and will not be changed || 2.

coming and going

coming and going (noise and disturbance caused by people moving around a lot) ≅ проходной двор {перен.}

on the rocks

on the rocks (1. in a state of ruin or destitution;|| 2.

prim and proper

prim and proper (very careful about their behaviour and appearance, and easily shocked by what other people say or do) — чопорный; правильный

divide and conquer

divide and conquer —разделяй и властвуй
to win over one's foes or obstacles by attacking parts rather than whole.

kick a habit

kick a / the habit (to stop doing something habitual; to stop doing something harmful that you have done for a long time; to stop doing something that is a harmful habit, such as smo

ax to grind

have (got) an ax to grind {US} and have (got) an axe to grind {UK, US} (have a secret purpose or ulterior motive; || have a disagreement to settle with someone; have

need sth yesterday

need sth yesterday (need something urgently) -- срочно

I need it yesterday (an informal way to say it is needed immediately) -- нужно еще вчера

Example 1: "Can I send that report to you later this afternoon?" "No! I need that report yesterday!"

Example 2:
A: Our customer is waiting for the shipment.
B: I didn’t know that. When do they need it?
A: They need it yesterday. They cannot proceed until they receive the shipment.

see also
[yesterday wouldn't be too soon!]

pick to pieces

pull / pick sb/sth to pieces (to criticize someone or something very severely, often in a way that is not fair) — раскритиковать в пух и прах; разнести в пух и прах; камня на камне не оставить

Example 1: It's discouraging because every time I show him a bit of work I've done he picks it to pieces. (CIDI)

Example 2: At the last meeting John was pulled to pieces with this new plan of his. — На прошлом совещании Джона и его новый план разнесли в пух и прах.

см. также


Leave me alone!
Get out of my face!
Step off! (80's) (used to tell someone to stop annoying you or get out of business or just back up)

Example: I wish my teachers would just step off!

Get off my back! (Stop criticising me or telling me what to do)

приложить усилия

[elbow grease]
вложить силы
put one's back onto sth

pull rank on sb

pull rank on sb (to assert one’s rank, authority, or position over someone when making a request or giving an order; to make use of your place or status in society or at work to ma

the third wheel

The "third wheel" refers to the person who is the outsider when there is a group of three. — третий лишний

Example 1: "You two go on ahead without me. I don't want to be the third wheel."

Example 2: "Missy and I were going to go to the dance with another couple, but when I got sick she decided to stay home also. She didn't want to be the third wheel."


себе во вред

have a knack

have a knack of/for doing sth (to be particularly good at it) — иметь способности к чему-л., уметь что-л. делать хорошо; иметь талант к чему-л. (тж. фигур.)

Example 1: He's got a knack of doing things well. — У него есть талант все делать хорошо.
Example 2: You certainly have a knack of getting into trouble. — У тебя несомненный талант встревать в неприятности.
Example 3: He has a knack for scoring important goals.

Example 4: See Richard Lester's film 'The Knack...And How To Get It' - one of the male leads is successful with women (he has 'the knack'), while the other male lead is nervy around women (he needs to get 'the knack' so he is more confident around women)

at a pinch

at a pinch {UK} AND in a pinch{US} (in a difficult or urgent situation) — когда прижмет, в трудной ситуации;

Example 1: He's the kind of friend you caould always turn to at a pinch. — Он тот самый друг, к которому всегда можно обратиться, когда прижмет.

Example 2:

Example 3:

see also
[when the chips are down]
[push comes to shove]
[crunch time]

growing pains

growing pains -- болезни роста;проблемы роста;трудности переходного периода

see also
teething problems (the problems that a project has when it is starting)

snowball effect

snowball effect - одно ведет к другому, одно за другим; цепная реакция; снежный ком

see also
[Pandora's box]
[can of worms]

shot in the arm

a shot in the arm (something that boosts one’s spirits) — стимул; встряска (от прямого значения shot in the arm "впрыскивание наркотика")

After my recent financial troubles, that raise was a real shot in the arm.

song and dance

make a song and dance about sth (if you make a song and dance about sth behave as if it was worse, more important, more difficult etc than it really is) {BrE informal} — преувеличиват

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